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Marching band injury

it is possible...i smashed my finger against the rim total of like 12times aand yesterdays two just topped it all off. it hurt so much to play...cadence over and over and over pain pain pain bu i couldnt do anything except well retend to accidentially loose my mallet therefore give me 30secs of a brake...afterwards i went to the docs they said it was broken just they put a splint on it and i've been made fun of casue its a mb injury...if i would have said oh i jammed my finger playing soccer they would have nodded and said i'm sorry...nope its a mb injury HAHAHA HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPENED!...i just had to go with it knowing how much pain it really is...i think i'm gonna take off the splint before monday and just tape it up.
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oh i love your journal. I play tenors (quads). I injured my back from playing them. i hate doctors